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Destructive Sampling Policy
It is understood that samples from herbarium specimens can be invaluable for morphological, anatomical, or molecular research. However, the removal of samples also contributes to the destruction of the specimen. No material may be removal without prior consent of the Director or Curator. Decisions to allow destructive sampling will be made on a case-by-case basis. The following guidelines will be followed:
1. Material may not be removed from a type specimen, except under the rarest of circumstances, and then will be performed under the supervision of the Director or Curator.
2. Material may be removed from specimens only when there is adequate material available, and care should be taken not to damage the specimen.
3. Specimens from which material is removed should be annotated accordingly, indicating the name of the researcher and their institutional affiliation, the type of study conducted, and the date. Publications resulting from these studies should cite the Pullen Herbarium and a copy of the publication should be sent to the herbarium.
4. For larger samples, such as that required for some types of molecular research, a request to remove material from a specimen should be made only after other avenues to gain material have been exhausted.

For more information on collection policies or to request a loan, contact the Curator of the Pullen Herbarium.
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